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TORNADOES of 2013: Best, Worst, Biggest & Smallest - Pull My Finger Buzz Feed Some Fun

TORNADOES of 2013: Best, Worst, Biggest & Smallest

2013 Tornado events including the Widest tornado ever recorded… and possibly the smallest. To license footage contact hankschyma@yahoo.com

2013 STORM EVENTS featured:
April 8 – Brief weak tornado from LP Supercell in NE Colorado on the NW Kansas border
May 9 – Brief weak tornado near Sweetwater Texas
May 17 – Two Tornadoes in Central Texas
May 18 – Three tornadoes near Rozel Kansas (2 seen here)
May 19 – Two tornadoes near Viola Kansas (1 seen here)
May 20 – Two tornadoes near Duncan Oklahoma & Moore Oklahoma EF-5 destruction
May 28 – Mammatus and dust storm in SW Kansas
May 30 – Giant mothership supercell in Central Oklahoma
May 31 – Birth of the widest tornado on record and it’s many subvortices near El Reno Oklahoma and a second anticyclonic tornado causing power flashes.
*Stock Footage* of the El Reno EF-5 Tornado from 2011 and destruction.
June 11 – Final funnel stage of the Chadron Nebraska Tornado & electric storm.
June 12 – Lightning over Devils Tower Wyoming
June 13 – Funnel Cloud in Eastern Colorado
June 14 – Supercell in Eastern Nebraska
June 21 – HP tornadic supercell and lightning in SE South Dakota
June 22 – HP tornadic supercell and land spout W Nebraska
June 23 – Tornado looking downburst in Eastern Colorado
Sept 9 – Two landspouts near Valentine Texas

MUSIC: by Southern Backtones, Two Star Symphony & Dan Workman


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