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10 hours of Thunderstorm and Rain Sounds in a lightning storm [ Sleep Music ] - Pull My Finger Buzz Feed Some Fun

10 hours of Thunderstorm and Rain Sounds in a lightning storm [ Sleep Music ]

Rain Sounds and thunderstorm in a lightning storm for 10 hours. REAL storm recorded, no static picture, there are a lot of lightning in this video and high quality thunder sounds.

This is a compilation of seven different nights ( seven different storms ) that I recorded from my home. So it have a little ambient noises.

Total video length is 3:00:00 , then I repeat until 10 hours , I did it this way to make easier to listen for relaxation issues. You can play the video with headphones and go to sleep to enjoy the rain all night. The sound is stereo and good quality. Also, you can enjoy it in a meditation session (yoga, reiki, taichi, etc.) to listen the nature sounds.

There are a lot of lightning , only for fun, you can comment and indicate the time when you catch one.

Meditation Relaxing Music channel. Videos every week with soft music for your yoga meditation. You will listen nature music (ocean, rain, birds..) and all the universal ways to relax, meditate and clean the mind.

Thumbs up if you like rain sounds! :)

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Thanks! (and sorry for my english!)

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