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Budweiser Clydesdale Horses accident

From Around the Web TidePool’s “Secret Mission” NASCAR Extended Highlights | Pure Michigan 400 (2013) Nascar Nonsense Whole Series – Funny Moments, Fails, Crashes, Wrecks, Bloopers, Interviews & Fights 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup at...
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My Life Horse Riding

Everyone starts at some point and everyone improves over time :) FAQ- -what age are you now? i am 20 now ( at the end of this video i was only 14) -Do you ow.
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Action Horses

Training with Atkinson Action Horses http://www.facebook.com/AtkinsonActionHorses?group_id=0 Majority of videos are of Ben and a few are of myself, lots …
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Amazing Galloping Horses 1080p HD

I don’t own the copyright of any audios and video clips´╗┐ in the video. Thanks for enjoying it :-) http://www.pond5.com/artist/triumphrainbow´╗┐
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Crazy fun with the horses!

Some of the silly footage that was taken with a few of the girls who were staying over between both of the ‘Illuminate Your Life’ camps that were run in Apri…
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On the Shores of the Great Lakes

Surrounded by four of America’s Great Lakes, Michigan has more freshwater shoreline than any other state. Each of its shores has its own unique landscape, fr…