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Budweiser Clydesdale Horses accident

From Around the Web TidePool’s “Secret Mission” NASCAR Extended Highlights | Pure Michigan 400 (2013) Nascar Nonsense Whole Series – Funny Moments, Fails, Crashes, Wrecks, Bloopers, Interviews & Fights 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup at...
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My Life Horse Riding

Everyone starts at some point and everyone improves over time :) FAQ- -what age are you now? i am 20 now ( at the end of this video i was only 14) -Do you ow.
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Action Horses

Training with Atkinson Action Horses http://www.facebook.com/AtkinsonActionHorses?group_id=0 Majority of videos are of Ben and a few are of myself, lots …
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Crazy fun with the horses!

Some of the silly footage that was taken with a few of the girls who were staying over between both of the ‘Illuminate Your Life’ camps that were run in Apri…