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Xander got to meet the

Xander got to meet the real Yogi Bear this weekend!  He walked right up to him all by himself too.  I was so shocked that he wasn’t scared.  He gave him multiple high fives and hugs too.
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Yogi Bear – 2014-09-25 Update #

Author: rainydayrecesstoo City Cycling – New York City Guide Sexy Lingerie Sitemap Find more facts at weirdfactsoflife Shhhh! He’s trying to Donald Duck – 2014-09-25 Update #1 vintage disney halloween comic  
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New Post has been published on Electronic Cigarettes | E Cigs | Smokeless Cigarettes

New Post has been published on http://lecigs.com/electronic-cigarette-news/e-cigarettes-dont-fall-arizonas-smoking-law/E-cigarettes don’t fall under Arizona’s no-smoking law- Cities across the country are starting to ban e-cigarette use in public. Places like Boston, New York City and Los Angeles restrict their use. And now Tempe joins that list. Arizona voters outlawed smoking
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Beaver – 2014-08-30 Update #2

Author: rkxnr From Around the Web Debra Russell – Niche Marketing “ABC Alphabet Songs Collection Vol. 1″ – Learn the Alphabet, Phonics Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Beavers Deadly Big Cats in New York Wilderness |...
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Beaver – 2014-08-30 Update #1

We went moose hunting in the evening and found a beaver dam really close to the road. They’re tough to find though as they’re mostly nocturnal.  We had only been stopped for a moment when V saw some movement around the dam.  The beaver was crossing it’s
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Nature’s Engineers The Dam Beaver

Do beavers live on Fermilab property? Yes. Several beavers’ lodges can be spotted on Fermilab’s site. Since beavers, Castor canadensis, are mostly nocturnal .